Synonyms and related words:
ampleness, amplitude, area, bigheartedness, bigness, body, boundlessness, bounteousness, bountifulness, bounty, breadth, broadness, bulk, caliber, capaciousness, comprehensiveness, copiousness, coverage, depth, diameter, dimension, dimensions, easy purse strings, enormity, enormousness, expanse, expansion, expansiveness, extension, extensiveness, extent, formidableness, free hand, freedom, freehandedness, freeheartedness, freeness, fullness, gauge, generosity, generousness, gigantism, girth, givingness, graciousness, grandeur, grandiosity, grandness, great heart, great scope, greatheartedness, greatness, height, hospitality, hugeness, immensity, infinity, intensity, largeheartedness, largess, length, liberality, liberalness, magnanimity, magnitude, mass, measure, measurement, might, mightiness, muchness, munificence, open hand, open heart, openhandedness, openheartedness, plenitude, power, prodigiousness, profundity, proportion, proportions, radius, range, reach, scale, scope, size, spaciousness, spread, strength, stupendousness, tallness, tremendousness, unselfishness, vastness, volume, welcome, wideness, width

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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